Your brand new and shiny iPhone 13 needs a phone case and accessory to pair with. Now, the next dilemma is choosing the best one for your phone.

There are so many stunning accessories and phone cases in the market right now and deciding which one to buy is so confusing and overwhelming at the same time.

Of course, to make your life a whole lot easier, we’ve created this guide to help you choose the best accessories and phone case for your new iPhone 13 - from a very simple protective case to adding a personal touch to your phone case, plus a fun accessory!

Here’s a list of the top 5 best accessories for your new iPhone 13.

Custom Monogram collection – By Minca Cases

Create a look that’s unique as you!

The fun part with the Custom Monogram collection is you get to choose a specific design of your liking, which makes your phone even more awesome and unique. You can select a solid colour, a specific pattern, or include a word or letter in the design. But, the other fun part is uploading your own image - creating a truly one of a kind look!

So, add a personal touch to your phone case and embrace your creative flair when designing your very own custom phone case.

Order a custom monogram case for your iPhone 13 here.

Protective and Stunning Cases – By Minca Cases

Are you worried about ruining your beautiful smartphone from scrapes, scratches and hard falls?

Worry not, because we have the smartest and straightforward solution for you!

Minca Cases protective phone case is made from a 1.5mm thick and flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material for overall protection. It has a tough anti-knock white flexible edges that can absorb shock and give your devices the ultimate drop protection. Also, it has a perfectly designed port openings that allows seamless access to cables and headphone jacks.

Of course, since we’re talking about iPhone 13, our protective cases also support wireless charging.

 With these cases, you’re hitting two birds with one stone – protecting your phone and having a beautiful exterior.

Remember, your smartphone needs protecting too!

Browse our vast collection of protective case to safeguard your phone from any damage here.

Protective Phone Cases

Teardrop Metal Phone Stand – By Minca Cases

Get a perfect grip of your phone in a stylish way!

Designed as both as a stand and a holder, Minca’s unique teardrop shaped metal stand serves as an extraordinary accessory to help you with texting, scrolling, taking selfies and so much more. The metal ring separates from the holder and allows you to put your fingers through it, enabling you to rotate the device easily for a comfortable grip and multitude of holding positions.

The Teardrop Metal Phone stand is available in 4 eye-catchy colours – Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black.

Say goodbye to your phone slipping out of your hand while taking selfies or playing games. Order yours here.

Tear Drop Metal Phone Stand

Full Coverage Privacy Protective Glass Screen Protector – By Minca Cases

If you’re looking for some privacy, the Full Coverage Privacy Protective Glass Screen Protector is what you need!

With a privacy filter feature, this screen protector prevents the person beside you from peeking through your phone even glancing over or viewing your screen display. Another cool feature is that when viewed from straight-on, the screen protector will appear transparent but still ensures original clear vision is maintained without obstructing the display.

Of course, the privacy screen protector not only offers you privacy but full protection as well – a complete edge-to-edge screen coverage for your mobile phone. The 5D curved edges are designed to cover 100% of curved edges on your device, offering the highest level of screen protection. 

Go an extra mile to keep your sensitive data private, and order here before you drop your phone!

Full Coverage Privacy Protective Glass Screen Protector

Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector – By Minca Cases

Tempered glasses are an essential these days when you have an iPhone.

Protect your screen from being broken with Minca Cases Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

These tempered protectors are crystal clear, impact resistant, grease resistant and are extremely touch sensitive. With 2.5 D rounded edges, 9H hardness and a 0.33mm thickness, these protectors provide true touch sensitivity for an invisible and perfect protection on any touch screen phone with perfect cut-outs on the front, which do not interfere with sensors or responsiveness.

It's extremely easy to install and comes with a mini clean kit to facilitate a perfect installation

Remember, it’s not only you phone needs protecting, but your screen as well. Order yours here.


If you want more accessory option for your brand-new iPhone 13, visit our website We have a wide range of beautifully-designed phone cases from the iPhone 13 mini to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

December 01, 2021

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