Apple Watch became the best-selling wearable device as soon as it was launched. This masterpiece, curated with cutting-edge technology that curves around your wrist, has an unprecedented mass appeal. The appeal is not only owed to the fantastic tech functionality but also the fashion statement it has become. After all, it’s an apple product, products that are a design revolution.

But, once such a high-end device lands on your hands, you realise the undeniable need for customisation to cater to the demands of everyday life. A smart gadget, like the iWatch, comes with rather sensitive components. You cannot treat your smartwatch in the same way you treat your regular watch.

We, at Minca Cases, have realised that your beautiful apple watch not only needs to resonate with your personality but must also be protected against all those unfortunate spills, falls and mishaps that can happen when you’re on the go. Check out our extensive collection of Apple Watch accessories to help you go on with your active life with elegance contouring your wrist.

Do you know what the best part is? Our products have the same versatility as your elegant apple watch does. They come in diverse colours and designs, one for everyone!

Below is the list of our fastest selling apple watch accessories, read through, and you will know why!




  • Resin Band for Apple Watch

Are you all fun and games and live life like a true Aussie? Tweak the appearance of your iWatch to suit your personality! You can find your funky side in these not so regular yet simple translucent resin watch bands. These bands add to the versatility of your apple watch while adding some serenity. They come in many translucent colours that you will all love - Black, Clear, Pink or Blue.

This waterproof strap is made of lightweight resin and comes with the classic metallic clasp. It has removable links that make this 22 cm strap customisable to fit any size.

These classy Resin Bands are compatible with

  • Series 4/5/6/SE 40mm and Series 1/2/3 38mm (band fits all series)
  • Series 4/5/6/SE 44mm and Series 1/2/3 42mm (band fits all series)


  • Durable Sports Band for Apple Watch

Who doesn’t like a sporty yet trendy look for their iWatch? If you’re looking for a multipurpose band that you can wear to the gym and then to a friend’s party as well, our durable sports band is a perfect choice.

It is made of the best quality nylon, the best for wristwatch straps. When it comes to warm weather, this breathable and easy to clean strap with water resistance and timeless design is the well-informed choice. Our innovative extra-cushioned design makes it durable against all your outdoor activities, and the rugged aesthetics retains the classic look. This genuine nylon wrist strap comes with a hook n loop fastener that conforms easily to your wrist size. Features like easy adjustment, strength and light weight make the Durable Sport Band your ideal partner in all adventures.

Available in a variety of colours like Dusty Pink, Blue, Khaki, Black, Magenta and Lime for:

  • Series 4/5/6/ SE 40mm
  • Series 1/2/3 38mm
  • Series 4/5/6/SE 44mm
  • Series 1/2/3 42mm

  • Milanese Loop Band for Apple Watch

Are you always in a professional environment and constantly on a hunt for a sleek design best suited for a professional setting? We have a perfect apple watch strap for you. Try our Milanese Loop Band. This subtle metal band gives your apple watch a stylish yet professional look. The smooth woven stainless steel mesh strap wraps around your wrist as if it was exclusively customised for you. The magnetic feature of the clasp amazingly adjusts to give you the utmost comfort.

This great strap goes with you from the gym to the boardroom. The premium stainless-steel product is available in three gorgeous colours- Rose gold, silver and gold.

Add this elegant Milanese Loop Band to your business wardrobe.

Available for

  • Series 4/5/6/SE 40mm and Series 1/2/3 38mm
  • Series 4/5/6/SE 44mm and Series 1/2/3 42mm

    Milanese Loop Band


  • Metallic Screen Protector for Apple Watch

 Doesn’t your excellent apple watch keep you on top of things you need to do daily? But do you realise that the iWatch that takes care of you requires care and protection too? The highly efficient gadget stays on your wrist all day, continuously being exposed to the harsh environment and wear and tear, making it prone to scuffs and scratches.

Considering your heavy dependence and investment, it’s time you start taking care of your apple watch. Let us present to you our best-selling metallic screen protector to protect your chic apple watch. This beautifully curated screen protector keeps your apple watch screen secure while elevating the look of your iWatch. It provides the ultimate protection without hampering touch sensitivity. The soft protective TPU cover with perfect cut-outs for the buttons provides edge-to-edge protection.

This trendy piece is available in Rose gold, Silver and black colour. Get this premium metallic screen protector for:

  • Apple watch series 4/5/6/SE 40mm
  • Apple watch series 4/5/6/SE 44mm
  • Apple watch series 1/2/3 38 mm
  • Apple watch series 1/2/3/ 42 mm

    Metallic Screen Protector


  • Luxe Sports Silicone Strap for Apple Watch

Go to the gym in style. Apple Watch is a must-have accessory for a fitness freak. But the existing strap that comes with it is a little boring and not always comfortable when lifting heavy dumbbells. Our latest yet best-selling Luxe Sport Silicone Strap solves all the problems. Carry a sporty yet trendy look to the gym! A design that takes care of your intense workout sessions. Your ever-working wrists will love all the air from chic ventilation holes that allow air to circulate. The sweat-resistant technology makes the strap feel as good as it looks. The band is crafted with high-quality silicone making it durable and aesthetically pleasing. It has a clasp made of stainless steel that will leave you carefree during all your active sessions.

Grab this modish Luxe Sports Silicone Strap in Blue, Khaki, Dusty Pink and Black colour. There is more to the versatility as it is compatible with all the following:

  • Series 4/5/6/SE 40mm
  • Series 1/2/3 38mm
  • Series 4/5/6/SE 44mm
  • Series 1/2/3 42mm

    Luxe Sports Silicone

Minca Cases has a diverse range of exclusive accessories that protect and elevate your Apple Watch. Check them out today! All our items are shipped from Australia in unique packaging—ready to gift to someone special or to keep for yourself!

November 17, 2021

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