Adding a personal touch to some things makes it even more special. It’s an indication of showing love and care to someone, or even just to yourself.

Of course, customisation also means standing out from the crowd – your own unique way of expressing yourself – and what better way to express yourself is through customizing your phone case.

Minca Cases offers a wide range of Custom Monogram cases, from the simple typoghraphy mobile phone cases with you name on it to adding your own photo into the design. You can also choose from our own styles of frames or create a case using our pre-selected colours. It’s personal and stylish at the same time!

Likewise, our custom cases are great gift ideas to give to someone you love, whether there’s a special occasion or just showing them that you appreciate them. Playing with the design of your custom case is just a bonus you’ll surely enjoy.

Another great thing about personalising your phone case is that you get to enjoy the idea that no one has the same design as yours. Your custom case is made for you and you alone.

And yes, customising your phone case is as easy as 1,2,3! So, here are five easy and hassle-free steps to get your phone case customised: 

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click the Custom Case Collection.
  3. Choose which custom case you prefer.
  4. Fill-in the details needed (upload a photo, if needed).
  5. Lastly, click ‘Add to Cart’.

It’s simple, fun and easy!

Browse from our wide range of custom case design here and enjoy customising your own case. Or a case for you to give to brighten someone else’s day.

February 16, 2022

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