We have seriously been considering our impact on the environment. I know what you're thinking - and yes, we do sell a plastic product. However over the last 6 months, we've been constantly taking steps to improve the environmental processes within our supply chain, so we can operate as sustainably as possible in other ways. Here's how;



98% of our packaging is biodegradable, the 2% being the odd occasion where we need to use the plastic Australia Post prepaid satchels. The primary packaging we use are biodegradable paper envelopes.

We stopped wrapping each phone case in individual plastic slips in January 2019, and recently replaced bubble wrap with eco-friendly greenwrap. Our packaging is an on-going project, and we will continue to look for better alternatives!



We’ve reached out to our supply chain - and are currently working with them to source alternatives to plastic packaging to use when they ship us our inventory. We’re not completely there yet... but it’s our goal to be 95% plastic-free within our supply chain, by the end of 2019.



We always ensure our products are of a high-quality standard, and our products are expected to last the lifetime of your mobile phone device. We do not recommend to constantly change your mobile phone case, unless completely necessary.



As mentioned in an earlier post, here, we have collaborated with Mobile Muster's recycling program. When you upgrade your mobile device, we recommend recycling old mobile phones and their accessories, as part of this program. Check out the blog post with information on how to get involved.



Unfortunately there are occasions were we do order too much stock which we can't sell. When we have surplus stock, we donate it to organisations in need, such as Lifeline, Salvation Army or Fitted To Work to ensure our waste is donated to those in need.


As you can see, we are taking small steps towards a greener future! We hope that soon, there will also be suitable long-lasting replacement materials for TPU and PC plastic, so our products can also be made from sustainable material.


As always, thank-you for supporting Minca Cases 🐢🌍❤️

May 26, 2019


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