10 Uses For A Phone Stand

Minca Cases has over 100 different designs and styles of Phone Stands; and we sometimes get asked what our customers can use them for! So we have come up with 10 uses below 😍

1. Use it as a media stand: Phone Stands make amazing platforms. Raise them for easy use media stands to watch videos, take group photos on self-timer or even use your phone as an alarm clock by the bedside. 

2. Easy grip while running: One common question among people who run is, ‘how to carry your phone while running?’ as it can easily slip out of your hand. Phone Stands make holding your phone easier while you are doing various activities like running. 

3. Video calls: You can easily mount your phone on your laptop while on a video call, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task by continuing to work on your laptop while you talk. You can also use the stand so that you don’t have to hold it.

4. Using a phone on/ near wet surfaces: Keeping your phone near/ on wet surfaces is a big no-no as water can cause considerable damage to your phone. Our phone stands are made out of polycarbonate, TPU, metal and agate; making them washable, hence, you can easily keep your phone on wet surfaces like by the sink, floor or the kitchen counter without it actually getting wet.

5. Use it as a media grip: Phone Stands make great grips, making activities like taking one-handed selfie, talking on the phone and texting much easier.

6. Earphone management system: You can wrap your earphones around your Phone Stands to keep them in one place and tangle-free. This is easier if you're using 2 Phone Stands at the same time.

7. Grips for larger devices: Phone Stands make holding large devices such as iPads, tablets and e-readers easy, comfortable and secure. You can also use them for smaller devices such as GoPros.

8. Pass the phone: If you want to pass your phone to someone on the other side of the table, with a Phone Stand your phone will easily slide across the table without you having to get up.

9. Zen: Embrace your inner zen with one of our agate crystal phone stands. Agate is considered a very powerful support gemstone. It's healing properties facilitate growth and stability by bringing harmony to all aspects of your being- physical, emotional and spiritual. It's soothing & calming vibrations help to strengthen self-analysis, honesty, self-acceptance and brings negativity under control. Agate helps to encourage a more positive outlook in life. Use one of these phone stands to get rid of stress, and heighten your levels of confidence and self-acceptance!

10. Just play with it: Phone Stands are addictive! You cannot stop playing with them. They are great stress busters and fun to fiddle with. Your kids will love them too, and not to mention they look pretty!

View our range of Phone Stands here. They are compatible with all mobile phone devices and stick onto all of our phone cases.

10 Uses Of A Phone Stand

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