Shopping for a new phone today has become such an overwhelming task, all thanks to their ever-increasing prices. Having said that, spills, drops, and falls are just a few of the petty unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive phones. Hence, it is, now more than ever, extremely crucial that we invest in worthy protective accessories to push the expiry dates of our smartphones as far away as possible and use them to their fullest capacity.

The best protection accessories for your precious devices are Phone Cases. There are so many different types of phone cases available in the market that it sometimes gets confusing to choose from.

But don’t you worry, this Minca Cases’ ultimate guide on the different types of Phone Cases will help you choose the worthiest case that will mesh seamlessly into your lifestyle.


  • The White Bumper Case

Worried about ruining your beautiful smartphones from scrapes, scratches and hard falls? We have the smartest and most straightforward solution for you; browse our vast collection of the White Bumper Phone Case.

Made from a 1.5 mm thick flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material for overall protection, which also supports wireless charging. The tough anti-knock white flexible edges absorb shocks and provide your devices with the ultimate drop protection. The perfectly designed port openings in the cases allow seamless access to cables and headphone jacks.

If you are looking to enhance your phones’ beautiful exterior while protecting them in the nest way, the White Bumper Phone Cases are perfect for you. They come in numerous designs printed with a high-definition 3D embossing effect, giving the case a high-quality and long life, almost as though it’s painted on.

Live your life with peace of mind and a crack-free phone!

Get your hands on the latest collection of the White Bumper Phone Case today.


  • The Eco-Friendly Phone Case

The perfect phone case for compassionate ones with a design to fit everyone’s style while protecting the planet.

We have come up with a 2 in 1 way to protect your phone and the planet with our new eco-friendly mobile phone case made from high tensile wheat straw. The eco-friendly case is an excellent alternative for anyone looking to be more environmentally conscious.

With a slight matted texture, this mobile phone case provides an excellent grip to protect your device. We have cute designs printed on recyclable and biodegradable cases with high-quality ink. These beautiful cases are slim yet offer complete protection to your devices, with full camera protection as it is slightly raised around it, and all the side buttons are enclosed.

Protect your phone as well as our mother nature. Shop our collection of sustainable and eco-friendly protective mobile phone cases in Australia, with various patterns and prints available for the latest iPhones.


  • The Wooden Phone Case

There is no other material that looks as stunningly fantastic as natural wood. The Wood Phone Case amps up your beautiful device giving it a classier enclosure.

Made from a 100% real natural wood backing with high-quality fine detail printing and/or engravings, the Wood Phone Cases will definitely have you at first glance at the exquisite designs and intricate detailing.

The cases are engineered to securely fit your device with an effortless snap-on style in matte rubber. While being thick and protective, the wood phone cases are compatible with wireless charging as well.

Protect your smartphone with the most beautiful and unique wooden cases that will resonate with your bougie personality. Check out the latest Wood Phone Case collection at Minca Cases today.


  • Heavy Duty Shockproof - Mobile Phone Case

If you are as clumsy as we are, the Heavy Duty Shockproof Mobile Phone Case is perfect for you.

Need a phone case that’s durable and will survive some severe bumps in the road? Head on to Mica Cases and check out the Transparent Heavy Duty phone case. The best case for anyone looking for the ultimate protection of their devices without compromising on the beauty of their phone’s elegant exterior.

The case provides all-round protection to your device and comes with three attachments. The silicone outer case acts like a bumper provides supreme shock absorption, while the hard PC back and front frames offer dual-layer protection to the screen, back-body as well as cameras of your precious phones.



  • Custom TPU Cases

Are you someone who associates themselves with their phone, and the accessories you use reflect your brand? At Minca Cases, we have the perfect phone case for you, The Custom TPU Cases - reflecting your personality and creating a sense of belonging and identity.

The Custom TPU Cases are super stylish, extremely lightweight, and slim to give you a perfect grip. They are made from extremely durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane with flexible edges.

Browse our latest collection of exclusive designs and combinations that allow you to add your own style to your phone to make it unique. Choose from a range of beautiful designs like alphabet, glitter, floral or astronomy layouts. Insert Photographs or go all out and take your phone cases on a DIY spin and personalise them.


We understand the primary goal of a phone case is protecting your smartphone devices, but more than often, it takes a toll on the premium exterior you’ve actually paid the big bucks for.

At Minca Cases, the leading designer and stockist of pretty and protective mobile phone cases in Australia, we keep phone protection at the highest priority while ensuring that all the phone cases only enhance the beautiful exterior of your premium devices.

Check out the latest collection on our website. All our items are shipped from Australia in unique and beautiful packaging, ready to gift (or to keep for yourself!).

March 17, 2021

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