You definitely know this, however, just to reinstate it: You don't really need a special occasion to get the ladies in your life a present. But we understand the gift shopping can be difficult sometime, even if it is for your wife, your daughter, your best friend, or your colleague you’ve known for a long time. Choosing the perfect present means answering tons of questions, is the gift something they want, something they do not own already, and figuring out the little details like what their favourite scent is or if they like to read or if they have any allergies. All of this can get a little overwhelming and not having too much time at your disposal, there is a high possibility that you would make the wrong decision.


But worry no more. We have got you covered. We have the perfect gifts catering to every woman in your life. At Minca Cases, we have something for them all, be it, you daughter, wife, mother, colleague, anyone. These will the most sentimental and thoughtful gifts to give to the special women in your life without burning a hole in your pocket.


Minca Cases is an online boutique based in Australia, specialising in affordable mobile phone cases and accessories for the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. Our range of affordable mobile accessories are perfect for every occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals. Our products are shipped directly from our warehouse and we make sure it reaches you in the shortest time possible. The cherry on the cake is our beautiful and sustainable packaging with eye catchy and cute patterns, ready for gifting straight away (or to treat yourself!).


Checkout some of our top-rated accessories, which you will definitely love and most definitely make the receiver extremely happy.



A perfect gift for someone who love to travel. These unprecedented times have been a bummer for people who love going places, and if the woman in your life is one of them, gift them our travel map wood custom carved monogram phone case. It is related to something they love, and it will also have their name engraved on the wood. We are sure their face will light up knowing how thoughtful this gift is. Available for all Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

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For all the compassionate girls out there, who love mother nature. We have come-up with a 2 in 1 way that can protect your girl’s phone and the planet with our new eco-friendly mobile phone case made from wheat straw. The eco-friendly case is a great alternative for anyone looking to be more environmentally conscious. With a slight matted texture, this mobile phone case provides excellent grip to protect your device. We have cute designs printed on to the recyclable and biodegradable case, with high quality ink. It provides full camera protection as it is slightly raised around it and all the side buttons are enclosed.

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For our basic women out in the world, we have a strong, durable, tough and protective shockproof mobile phone case. The secret slot to store cash and cards makes it perfect for the girls who are always on the go and are always after something chic at the same time basic. Its beautiful finish makes it extremely appealing. Available for various iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy Models. We are sure you will love them.

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Watches are definitely an accessory, but when it comes to apple watch you can accessorise that too. We have a range of interchangeable straps and protective cover for the apple watch.

If your favourite woman loves sports, we are sure they own an iWatch. Choose from different, vibrant coloured, silicon sports straps, perfect for a run, gym or even swimming. The provide ultra-comfort and they let the skin breathe too.

Want something chic and stylish yet sporty? We have great options for that too, available in numerous colours, easy to wear and perfect for a day out with friends and a good game of tennis. The hook and loop fastener help in easy adjustments.

The Milanese loop band strap is a classic strap that looks amazing at any event. Its woven smooth stainless-steel mesh strap wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Which woman doesn’t love to take selfies? We have the perfect accessory that will help her to take the perfect selfies. No more will your loved one, have to take 72 pictures before they click a perfect one. The unique teardrop shaped metal stand by Minca cases serves as a stand cum holder to help you with texting, scrolling, selfies and much more. It extraordinarily cute design also amps up the look of your phone. We also offer 4 colours, choose whichever is your girl’s favourite.

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Shopping for gifts is tough and we understand. Minca Cases is your one stop solution to finding a perfect gift for all women in your life. Our diverse range of phone cases and accessories will definitely aid you to find a one-of-a-kind gift. To further simplify your dilemma, we also have a wide variety of options available where you can customise your phone case per the likes of the woman the present is for. Check us out Today.

October 14, 2020

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