The holiday season is here, and so is the season of gifts. We are sure, like us, even you’re all in search of some one of a kind gifts for all your loved ones (and even yourself!). Receiving some fabulous gifts brings everyone joy, both the sender and receiver hold on to this beautiful and satisfactory feeling for quite a while. This amazing feeling of love is accentuated when the gift is personalised for the receiver.

Customising and adding that personal touch to the gifts transforms them to become unique and memorable, which in turn makes the occasion special. Customised gifts help sustain, commend, and make your connections very strong. They act as a perfect gift for every occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations.


Not only gifts, personalising items creates a sense of ownership and individuality. People with a strong sense of individuality, and who treat themselves as a brand love personalised stuff. This means that customisation is not limited to gifts, individuals and corporates can also personalise their thing to create a brand image.


Cases, stands, holders, and other accessories jazz up the devices we use daily, like our mobile phones, laptops and watches. Studies have shown that there are more mobile phones on earth than there are people and accessorising our devices with phone cases has become more of a necessity. People are constantly in search of new designs for phone covers, something that suits their style and individuality. People use their smartphones constantly, in fact, they look at their device at least 85 times a day, gifting your loved one a phone case will definitely leave a lasting impression!


Customisation and Personalisation of mobile phone cases will help you stand out of the crowd, it is an extremely thoughtful and sentimental gift and it will give the receiver a feeling of love and care and deepen your bond with them. People often identify themselves with their phone, having a custom print on your phone case which reflects your personality creates a sense of belonging and identity. Customisation of phone cases is not just limited to a gender or age; it can be appealing to anyone and everyone who loves their phone.


Honestly, when buying a customised phone cover for yourself, you will never have to worry about somebody else having the same thing. Gifting customised phone covers is unique, as no one else will have the same gift and your gift will definitely stand out. The receiver will be happy, grateful and most importantly be using the gift which will constantly remind them of you.


But you must be wondering where you can get the perfectly customised phone case.

Don’t worry, we have you sorted.


Minca Cases is the leading designer and stockist of pretty and protective mobile phone cases in Australia. We are supplying a variety of designs for the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.


You can shop our latest collection of beautifully designed monogram personalised mobile phone cases. Our exclusive designs and combinations allow you to add your own style to your phone to make it unique to suit your personality. We have a range of designs like alphabet, glitter, floral or astronomy layouts to choose from. You can also insert photographs on the phone covers. We at Minca Cases allow you to go all out and take your phone cases on a DIY spin and treat yourself or someone with a perfect personalised monogram phone case, a perfect gift they will love. Our cases are super stylish, extremely light weight and slim fit to give you a perfect grip.


Below are a few of our customizable cases to appeal to anyone's tastes and style. Choose yours today!




Design your own personalised case with a polaroid photo with personalised messages.

This is a unique phone case that allows you to add your favourite photo and print them as a polaroid on your phone case. You can also add a personalised message on the photo too. 

These cases are available for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Models.

Get yours today at:




As the name suggests, this extraordinary phone case is a personalised name case. We offer 6 different Bohemian frames for you to choose from. These frames will surround your first letter, printed in an eye catchy font, with your full name printed towards the bottom of our flexible thermoplastic transparent phone case. This case is also available for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Models.

Customise yours at:




This case definitely has our heart, it is customised with your zodiac sign and your name. Select your Zodiac sign and enter your name and we will print out a unique zodiac sign design in the middle of the cover with your name towards the bottom.

A perfect case that reflects your personality.

Grab your at:


These were some of our favourite products but at Minca Cases we have a diverse range of exclusive prints which protect your phone, whilst adding your own personality at the same time. All our covers are made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material which is compatible with wireless charging. Over covers are soft, light and durable with flexible curved edges, which will fit your phone perfectly, giving you a strong grip without making the phone feel heavy.

All our items are shipped from Australia in unique packaging. We are ready to gift to your someone special (or to keep for yourself!).

December 01, 2020


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