Christmas is just right around the corner, the most awaited holiday season of all time. We always love to look forward for Christmas, as this is the time where we spend most of our time with families and friends. Spending the entire Christmas day in our pajamas or wearing those hilarious Christmas sweaters!

Of course, the holidays are not complete without giving gifts to your loved ones - this is the essence of Christmas! So, did you start planning your Christmas shopping?

In this season of giving, give your loved ones or that special someone something personal, and of course, we’ll help you find the most amazing gift this gift-giving season.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas from Minca Cases.

MYSTERY Selection

Who else doesn’t like mystery? Or surprise for that matter?

Our mystery selection is just the one you need if you’re confused on what gift to give to your loved ones. This is an exclusive offer where you can purchase 2 randomly selected device cases for only $28! It’s fun and affordable!

Cases are randomly selected, and the best part is both cases arrive in our cute packaging - ready to gift straight away. I wonder what you’ll get?!

MYSTERY Selection - 2 x Randomly Selected Mobile Phone Cases!

Transparent Heavy Duty Shockproof - Mobile Phone Case

Gift-giving this Christmas is not just all about the cute and fancy things, it’s also about the thought if giving someone something they really need.

So, if you have a friend or love one who just purchased one of the new iPhone 14 series, our Transparent Heavy-Duty phone case is just the right gift to give them. Giving them something to protect their phone is the same as showing them how much you care for them.

This case is very durable that it can survive some serious bumps on the road. The silicone outer case provides ultimate shock absorption, while the hard PC back and front frames offer dual layer protection.

 Transparent Heavy Duty Shockproof - Mobile Phone Case

Polaroid Photo - Monogram Custom Personalised Mobile Phone Case

Do you always want to carry a precious moment with you?

Our Polaroid Photo - Monogram Custom Personalised Mobile Phone Case is something you can give to someone with a personal touch. You can put both of your favourite photo or your favourite moment together at the back of your phone – you will always remember each other!

It comes in a transparent and lightweight case, and suitable for all phone colours. The unique and stylish slim-fit case is just perfect for your grip and protects your phone at the same time.


Enchanting Butterfly - Protective White Bumper Mobile Phone Case

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Every time we see one, we got so excited with their charm and beauty.

Of course, our Enchanting Butterfly - Protective White Bumper mobile phone case is the perfect gift to your friends or families who love butterflies so much! Let the butterflies grace their daily life.

The good thing is, this design is printed on a translucent case—making it adaptable across device colours. Made from tough anti-knock TPU material with flexible edges to protect your phone against scratches and hard falls. A fashion-forward smartphone case!

 Enchanting Butterfly - Protective White Bumper Mobile Phone Case

Resin Band for Apple Watch

Now, let’s move on to something else other than phone cases. Since the new Apple Watch has just been released, give your loved ones something fashionable to pair it with, and our Resin Band is just the perfect gift.

It’s something simple, classic and gorgeous. We assure you that you will never get disappointed with these! It comes in Black, Clear, Pink or Blue – all translucent.

Another thing, the strap is waterproof and is made from premium lightweight resin with a stainless-steel clasp. The 22cm strap length is adjustable and comes with device to remove links, if required. It’s stylish and functional at the same time.

 Resin Band For Apple Watch

Turtle - White Printed Eco-Friendly Compostable Mobile Phone Case

Aside from butterflies, turtles are one of the cutest creations on planet earth. They also symbolize Mother Earth alongside good health and a long life. That’s why our Turtle - White Printed Eco-Friendly phone case is one of the best Christmas gift ideas you can have this holiday season.

This case has a gorgeous turtle design that is soulfully printed onto the phone case with high-quality everlasting ink. Something you will surely love and adore!

 Turtle - White Printed Eco-Friendly Compostable Mobile Phone Case

If your want to get more Christmas gift ideas, browse through our Best Seller collection and find something special or something personal to give your loved ones as a gift this gift-giving season.

November 15, 2022

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