Technology is changing every day, and we know how tempting it can be to keep moving on to the next big thing. But the thing about the ever-evolving tech is that it is not always environmentally friendly.

While we cannot stop upgrading to new phones, we can still do our bit for the environment by using eco-friendly phone cases to protect our devices.

The fast nature of technology isn’t always good for the environment. It makes it all too tempting to discard technology and move onto the next big thing while gradually using up the Earth’s resources without even meaning to. Trying to move towards living a zero-waste life and cut back on plastic use? What’s better than a phone case that protects both your expensive phones and our planet at the same time.

Eco-friendly phone cases are ideal for cutting back on plastic usage as they are made from biodegradable and sustainable materials. These cases are as good as the plastic ones and offer complete protection to your devices while keeping the environment we live in safe.

We know phone cases are disposable items, and everyone likes to switch in between them regularly. Now imagine disposal of 1.5 billion non-biodegradable plastic cases into the environment, every once in a while, adding to the already overflowing landfills and increasing pollution. It looks terrible, doesn’t it? The breakdown of nano plastics has a devastating effect on human health. Switching to eco-friendly cases means using materials that come from the Earth and return to the Earth.


Why Use Eco-friendly Phone Cases?

Eco-friendly cases are made of natural and renewable materials which can quickly biodegrade. Want to change your phone case? Well, an eco-friendly phone case is compostable. Bury them in your garden and let them decompose to provide delicious carbon dioxide and manure to your beautiful plants as it decomposes amongst their roots.

Don’t like gardening but still care about the environment? No worries, using a truly natural phone case means responsible disposal. Chuck it into the recycle bin to turn your phone case into another planet-friendly item for an environmentalist like yourself.

Worried about finding a design that suits your personality? We got you! The Minca Cases Eco-friendly phone cases collection comes in beautiful designs.

Shop our collection of sustainable and eco-friendly protective mobile phone cases in Australia, with various patterns and prints available for the latest phones. Find an eco-friendly mobile phone case that fits your style; whilst being friendly to the planet.

These cases are made from recyclable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural wheat straw, an extremely high tensile material that offers maximum protection to your phone while being environmentally friendly. The flexible texture, smooth-matted design of the compostable case provides an excellent grip to your phone. You don’t have to worry about the protection of your expensive devices as well. The eco-friendly phone case comes with enclosed side buttons and raised bezels to protect the screen and camera lens. The camera edge is raised by 1mm, which means complete protection. Additionally, these lovely cases are completely compatible with wireless charging.

Check out our bestsellers from our eco-friendly range.


  • Turtle - White Printed Eco-Friendly Compostable Mobile Phone Case


Perfect for the eco-conscious, the turtle symbolises Mother Earth. It signifies good health and long life. Our Turtle - White Printed, Eco-Friendly phone case will keep you connected to nature. This soulful design is printed onto the phone case with high-quality everlasting ink. Buy it here.


  • Elephant Love - Pink Printed Eco-Friendly Sustainable Mobile Phone Case


“All good things are wild and free”, and so is LOVE. Bring out the real you with our Elephant Love - Pink Printed Eco-Friendly phone case. This beautiful design will constantly remind you to be truly you because that’s your most incredible power. You’ll be encouraged to love hard, live joyfully and care for your loved ones. Gift it to the ones you care about most or buy it for yourself.


  • Flower Power - White Printed Eco-Friendly Compostable Mobile Phone Case

Flowers are a symbol of peace. Introduced in the Vietnam War during the late 1960s and early 1970s, the phrase “FLOWER POWER” symbolises harmony and peace against violence. Check out this beautiful case with vibrant colours if you stand for unity and a world that embraces diversity - the Flower Power - White Printed Eco-Friendly phone case.

Browse our new collection of eco-friendly phone cases and protect both – the Earth and your Phone. Eco-friendly packaging rounds off the environmentally friendly gift idea quite well. All the cases at Minca cases come in ready-to-gift sustainable packaging.

We have a diverse range of exclusive prints that will resonate with your personality. Grab a great bargain on a durable and highly-protective eco-friendly mobile phone case, delivered straight to your doorstep with fast shipping from Australia!

July 13, 2021

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